The island of Lošinj can be reached in several ways. However, if you decide to visit us by car and enjoy the scenery along the way, coming from the mainland you first have to pass the island of Krk. It is connected to the mainland with a bridge. On the island of Krk there is a ferry which takes you to the island of Cres for about twenty minutes. The Ferry timetable can be found here.

The total ride from the ferry port on Cres, to the bay of Artatore, where our apartments are located, takes about 60 minutes.

In the city of Osor, the island Cres is connected with the island of Lošinj with a moving road bridge. Because of the passing vessels, the bridge is raised twice a day for half an hour: From 9:00 to 9:30 and from 17:00 to 17:30. During these times, vehicles can not cross to the island of Lošinj. Located fifteen minute drive from the city Osor, is Artatore, where in the second row of houses from the sea our apartments, Kišasondi, are awaiting. Welcome!


Artatore is located in a dense pine forest, in the bay of the same name. It provides an ideal holiday for people who like to enjoy peace, clean sea, fresh air, fragranced vegetation and beautiful beaches which are situated only 5-10 minutes walk from our apartments.

The bay is extremely well protected from the wind and provides shelter to many sailing boats which further contibute to the already romantic atmosphere in this small tourist village during the summer months. Night walks along the shore immerse you into the serenity of the starry skies, and if you want to refresh yourself after the walk, there are three restaurants which serve national and international dishes, and also offer traditional island cuisine.

Artatore is the ideal place for vacation, but also the island offers plenty of facilities for those who prefer more active holiday. So come, relax or enjoy water sports, parachuting, tennis, diving, go-kart, rent a boat, bike, climb the highest peak of the island (Osorčica, 588 m) or simply walk along the paths and walkways that stretch across the islands of Cres and Lošinj archipelago.

If you like evening entertainments Artatore is only 8 km away from the town of Mali Lošinj. You can sit near the sea in one of the cafés and enjoy the evening that radiates life and beauty of the island of Lošinj or enjoy some of the programmes that are traditionally organized every year.

Distance from the apartment ...(m)

sea 150
beach 150
city center 8000, Mali Lošinj
town shop 500
the closest restaurant 400
main road 800
post office 2000, Ćunski
doctor's 8000, Mali Lošinj
pharmacy 8000, Mali Lošinj
ATMs 8000, Mali Lošinj
discos 8000, Mali Lošinj